To complement our unique custom message mazes, here is more free stuff just for fun

Criss-Cross You choose words and a Criss-Cross puzzle is generated online in a few seconds. The puzzle is a sparse 2-dimensional grid in which someone else has to place the words. This sort of puzzle could be used at the corporate level by featuring the names of products or adjectives in the company mission. Or it could be used for a birthday celebration by using words that reflect activities of the past year. Hidden-Word You choose words and a puzzle is generated online in a few seconds. The puzzle is a square array containing the words in both directions, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, and someone else has to find them. Again, it’s a puzzle that can be used in many settings. For example, a puzzle for a wedding anniversary could have words like “LOVE”, “BRIDE”, “GROOM”, “HAPPY”, “FOREVER”, and “CELEBRATE”.
ISS Docking Test your skill in docking a rocket with the ISS International Space Station. The task is difficult because motions in different directions are coupled. If you accelerate forward to get closer, you’ll drift to a higher orbit; if you rise to a higher orbit, you’ll slow down and drift backward; if you slow down and move backward, away from the ISS, you’ll drop into a lower orbit; and if you deliberately drop into a lower orbit, you’ll move forward towards the ISS. Mars Mission This program simulates a rocket trip from Earth to Mars with an interactive option for you to land on Mars. Escaping from Earth orbit requires you to increase your velocity by a factor of the square root of two, but aiming just behind the moon can be used to get a gravity boost in order to save fuel. The program includes the effects of gravity as you follow a trajectory from Earth orbit to Mars, a trip which takes over 8 months.
Sudoku Solver You input a Sudoku puzzle, and the solution is generated online in a few seconds. Number Guesser You pick a number, and the program guesses it in 6 easy steps. It uses a set of six masks that are based on the binary number system.
Cosmic ray muons Watch a wide-gap spark chamber display the paths of elementary particles. The apparatus is a science exhibit currently installed in a museum in Oakland. About 20,000 times every week when a cosmic ray muon goes through the exhibit it leaves a temporary trail of ionized atoms. They produce a tiny flash of light in two scintillators, the attached photomultipliers trigger a coincidence circuit whose 0.3 V output gets amplified sufficiently to trigger a 300 kV Marx generator attached to a neon filled box, producing a foot-long spark along the ionization path created by the muon. Only about 1/2 microsecond elapses from the time the muon passes until the spark flashes. Cardboard snowplow This is U.S. Patent No. 5,207,010, May 4, 1993, a “Portable Automobile Snow Plow,” which lets a car clear the snow off a driveway. The snowplow is made from two corrugated cardboard boxes nested one inside the other. Tear strips allow each box to be split dihedrally into two parts. All four pieces are then clipped together and covered by a cardboard blade to form a wax-coated V-shaped plow strong enough for up to about a 9 inch depth of snow. I abandoned this patent the following year when I moved from snowy New York to sunny California. I wonder: Would anyone be interested in a corrugated cardboard surfboard?
Euler’s Theorem A simple proof of Euler’s Theorem, from which all of advanced trigonometry can be derived, without drawing any right triangle! Geometry Puzzle A geometry puzzle that stumps most people. But it has a very simple answer!
Pursuit Puzzle A pursuit puzzle: 4 men start in the corners of a 10 meter square room. They spiral in as each one walks at the same speed directly toward the man who started in the next corner counter-clockwise. How far does each man walk until they meet in the center? Click if you want to see the solution. 10,000 Robots Simulation of Assembly with Massive Collaboration. This program demonstrates how a robot table with a grid of 100x100 simple robots can assemble a jig-saw puzzle into a chessboard from an initial random arrangement. The solution is related to the well-known 15-puzzle.
Chess Puzzle What piece fell off the board?

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